CNC Laser Services

What Is CNC Laser Cutting & Who Uses It?

Laser cutting is a precise thermal cutting process, utilizing a focused beam of light that offers an affordable and accurate way of producing almost any shape in plate or sheet metal.  This manufacturing process is recommended  for applications where parts require tighter tolerances or exact copies are needed. 

Laser cutting has high level of efficiency and quality control compared to most plasma cutting services.  Since laser systems have a small heat-affected zone, the chance of warping the material that is being cut is greatly reduced.  Laser cutting also allows for small diameter holes with complex detail and good edge quality.  Presses and punches shear through material, which stretches the edge until it breaks.  Because of this, the top side of a part typically has a rounded edge, while the bottom has been stretched, thus creating a razor sharp edge.  Usually this needs to be cleaned off with an abrasive such as grinding, which is a secondary process that adds to price.   A laser on the other hand, when properly focused and set correctly for the specific material, will cut a part where the top edge remains square and the bottom edge is smooth. 

 31 Three Design & Metalwork's customers range from Go-Kart part manufacturers, lighting manufacturers, custom gate and fence companies and more.  If you need accuracy, efficiency, and excellent quality control, then CNC laser services is right for you too!