31 Three Design & Metalwork provides state-of-the-art CNC laser cutting services and quality metal fabrication. With 20+ years of experience, our design team and skilled operators deliver precision and accuracy on every project, every time.

Precision is Our Promise is the cornerstone that has made us the top-notch manufacturer that it is today. It is important to our team that we exceed your expectations during the entire process. Cutting metal isn’t what drives our growth year-over-year. What makes our company thrive is building relationships, exceptional customer service, strong communication, and delivering a final product to exact specifications.

Working with you one-on-one and listening to your project details is the first step towards a successful business relationship. Doing this allows us to better understand your goals and develop a solid solution for your needs. Our in-house design experts work through each project using the latest CAD software, delivering detailed proofs for your approval.

Your company will place orders with us knowing that the project will be completed correctly, accurately, and with the highest level of quality control. Our CNC laser machinery holds tight tolerances, which is crucial during the production of parts that require precise repeatability. We work with large and small production runs as well as part prototyping using up to 48″ x 96″ sized plate and various specialty metals.

Whether manufacturing your parts from our CNC laser cutting process or working strictly on metal fabrication and forming, our strict quality control guidelines carry over from concept to final product.

31 Three Design & Metalwork is about building long-term relationships, and we are dedicated to delivering the highest-quality work possible. You can feel confident knowing that your project is in good hands because, Precision Is Our Promise.

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31 Three Design & Metalwork is your full-service metal fabricator with in-house CNC laser equipment. For the best quality, customer service, and precision manufacturing, explore our services below. Let’s team up and create solutions for your project today.

CNC Laser Cutting

Laser cutting is a precise thermal cutting process, utilizing a focused beam of light that offers an affordable and accurate way of producing almost any shape in plate or sheet metal.

Specialty Metals

Our team has experience working with specialty metals such as brass, bronze, and stainless steel. Contact us today to discuss your project requirements.

Metal Fabrication

We provide customers in a variety of industries with premium quality fabricated metal components. We offer services in ornamental, miscellaneous metals, and custom builds.

Design & Product Development

Our drafting and design services can quickly and easily translate our customer's visions into workable designs. We can help you with custom, one-on-one product design & development and support.


With over 20 years of experience in the CNC laser and metal fabrication industry,
we have worked with a broad range of project types.

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